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"She told to the audience about the reason she chose to do an intimate concert with a piano. "They asked me to come and sing in fabulous Marbella Polo House and since the pop music of today is full of so much noise I decided to do something different. It's just my voice and the piano - no intrusions," she added. She really brought soul into Polo House and made people sing, dance and clap. Definitely one of the best concerts of the summer!"i-marbella.com

While I was in England, [soul singer] Mica Paris actually jammed with me at the Royal Albert Hall, and we did a song called 'Be My Friend' together which was frigging awesome, if you'll excuse me saying. Paul Rodgers (interview in Spinner UK)

Then one of the first surprise guests was welcomed by Rodgers for a duet that turned out to be an absolute highlight: statuesque soul singer Mica Paris. Mica and Paul belted out ‘Be My Friend’ as if their lives depended on it. Indeed, it seemed like the battle of the voices took place. A scorcher of a number performed by two passionate artists who both are blessed with incredible vocal skills. Combined, they were pure dynamite and set the stage ablaze with their energy. Music-News.com